Topic Modelling – Part I

Topic Modelling is an unsupervised Machine Learning Technique used for identifying multiple topics in text or you can say identifying abstract or “topics” that are talked in multiple documents. Let us say I Phone or Galaxy Note series have launched newer version of Phone and they want to understand about the the features which customersContinue reading “Topic Modelling – Part I”

Google AutoML

Automated Machine Learning Model Automated Machine Learning Model is the process of applying automated process for Machine Learning Model.It generally cover the automated approach from Raw Data set to deployable Machine Learning Model including Data Preprocess steps, Model Building, Model Ewvaluation, Model Training and Testing etc. This approaches are great in reducing full development lifeContinue reading “Google AutoML”


As we are in fourth blog of this Lexical Processing series. Please watch the first three video as we will be considering a Spam/Ham detector model by end of this module which will use all the algorithms that we are considering one by one. , , In the spam detector model, whichContinue reading “Tokenisation”

Lexical Processing Part II

So in the current part of Lexical Processing we will first focus on Word Frequency and Stop words and then we will have some practical demonstration. While working with any kind of data whether it is structured or unstructured data we should have proper understanding of data , and thus we have to do someContinue reading “Lexical Processing Part II”

Lexical Processing Part I

So As discussed in our last post we will be focusing on Lexical Processing. It generally mean extracting the raw text, identifying and analyzing the structure of words. Lexical analysis is extracting the whole document to sentence, sentence to words or we can simply term as breaking whole chunk of words in tokens or smallerContinue reading “Lexical Processing Part I”

Introduction To NLP

Natural Language Processing What is and why text Analytics required ? NLP is a technology that allows machine to understand human language or unstructured data in form of text. As human we all can understand the tenses(past, present, future etc.), we can understand the meaning of sentence(making a clear differentiation between words when they areContinue reading “Introduction To NLP”