You have no idea What’s Coming

‘Be prepared’ something worse is coming. Unfortunately, most governments to most people, from China to the US, have ignored this and their people are suffering the tremendous onslaught of the Coronavirus. Most of the countries from Europe to US, India to china are in state of quarantine because of this Coronavirus outbreak. It is timeContinue reading “You have no idea What’s Coming”

Chat Bot Challenges(Azure Services)

Chat Bots, Recommendation Engine etc. have become popular in large number of business domains such as Finance, Banking, Tour & Travel etc. Companies are building chatbots for booking hotel, movies, suggestion etc., customer support, enquiring bus flights, tax saving advice, stock advice etc and many more. They are required in such a large number becauseContinue reading “Chat Bot Challenges(Azure Services)”

Introduction To NLP

Natural Language Processing What is and why text Analytics required ? NLP is a technology that allows machine to understand human language or unstructured data in form of text. As human we all can understand the tenses(past, present, future etc.), we can understand the meaning of sentence(making a clear differentiation between words when they areContinue reading “Introduction To NLP”